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Embrace the Trend of Comfort, Ambience & Style

Furniture trends in the mining industry have changed dramatically over the past few years. Forward-thinking firms are making a much-needed transition from old, cold and canteen-style wet-messes. They are attracting and retaining staff by offering stylish, comfortable dining and relaxation spaces where people can recharge body and mind.

One of the world’s most innovative companies, Google, has a simple philosophy “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world”.

Corporations are coming to realise that Google’s philosophy bears fruit. Securing qualified staff is no longer based just on salary. Physical comfort and a sense of work community are key attractors. Creating comfortable spaces where staff can relax after a hard day’s work, recharge for the next and experience a generally more enjoyable workplace experience are becoming the norm.

As many sites begin to offer better facilities it is essential to keep on trend and upgrade wet-messes by investing in top quality, comfortable and relaxing furniture for areas such as dining, tavern and communal spaces. Appealing workplaces attract qualified and experienced workers, while also reducing staff turnover.

The base of any great venue is the right layout, floor plan and product selection. Breaking up areas with different heights is one of the best ways to make the most of a large space and make the move away from stale, canteen-like environments.

Creating a space with an arrangement of high tables and stools is the perfect way to separate the casual social bay from the dining area. A mixture of small and large tables in the dining area gives staff the flexibility to dine in a larger group, have a meal with a few co-workers, or even just relax and eat alone. Mixing in hardwearing outdoor wicker lounges and upholstery will help create the relaxed environment workers need after a long shift.

Adding different textures such as timber, wicker and upholstery will create a warm and welcoming environment. A range of Furniture Options and colour choices help style any area and create the right mood. Planter boxes are also a great idea to bring a natural element into the space.

Long periods spent away from family and friends, extended shifts and challenging work places significant demands on people’s physical and mental health. Creating a balance between work and rest is essential for happy, healthy and productive employees. Staff who experience this balance play a key part in developing an employer’s reputational brand.

By creating an attractive and appealing workplace, companies are putting themselves in a position to hire and secure some of the best employees in their field. Thus ensuring company’s own long term, successful and profitable future in the mining industry.

Marion McAllister
Furniture Options