The Office, Transformed

Engaging Workplaces

With the new reality of work post-COVID-19 comes concern about how to keep employees and customers safe. How, then, can we shape our workplaces to be healthy, hygienic and dynamic, while keeping those who use them inspired, engaged and resilient?

Rethinking Floorplates in the Post-pandemic Workplace

Safe Places

Privacy Please

Support Agility


The Conventional Office

To promote physical distancing in line with the NCCC guidelines, Atlas has been reconfigured to create an area with four staggered workstations instead of six side by side (Before; top left).

Catena, meanwhile, creates a screen between each desk in this office, providing psychological comfort to staff working here. It acts as an acoustic barrier, creating quiet space for calls and online meetings (After; top right).


The Open-Plan Office

Here, Atlas sets the scene for a safe workplace that minimises health risks by promoting physical distancing. Staggered desk arrangements take seat numbers from eight to four, each with at least 4 square metres of space. Additional desks replace open meeting areas. They are supported by Catena, which creates privacy and the perception of safety.

Empowering the Shift to Working From Home

Remote work strategies are a key aspect of the new normal. For these policies to be effective, employees need the tools that will help them work at their best, wherever they are. Herman Miller’s family of ergonomic task chairs set the scene for strong performance – whether that’s at a fast-growing organisation or a well-established institution; at home or in the office.

Structured from stretchy elastomer, Sayl is simple to clean, and its suspension design, along with its passive PostureFit system, offer support where the body needs it, and freedom where it doesn’t.

The remastered Aeron features a suspension backrest that provides different tension zones in order to maximise comfort, support and freedom of movement. That elastomeric back facilitates quick, effective sanitisation.

New to the crew is Cosm, which automatically adjusts to body weight and movements. Studies have shown it reduces cognitive load, leaving room for people to accomplish their work and get the ideas flowing.