Folk Armchair - Paged Meble, Poland

Folk Armchair - Paged Meble, Poland

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This year, Paged Meble will once again pay tribute to the work of old-time designers. For the first time in history, a collection of refreshed ‘classics’ of modernist and diversified character will appear on the market.

Accurately shaped backrest, meticulous and discreet joinery, and beautiful proportions – the Folk Armchair delights with details of its workmanship. The delicate arches of the seat and back are visually balanced by firmly spaced, straight legs. The upholstered deep seat ensures the highest comfort. Perfect combination of elegance and functionality allows the Folk to be used in a multitude of environments such as: restaurants, hotels and waiting areas.


The ‘60s and ‘70s were a difficult time for designers because factories as well as Poland were cut off from the West by the Iron Curtain. Information exchange did not exist so new materials or technologies had to come from within. Designers turned to the tried method of “mens et manus” (Latin for mind and hand) by utilising all their past knowledge and using the available labour to produce beautiful and comfortable furniture.

Many designs from this era stood the test of time, utilising common materials and simple tools to make functional pieces of art. Most of these designs were never seen abroad. The HERITAGE mini collection aims to breathe life to them again. Based on the original drawings and using the same level of technologies with our superior handcraft, Paged Meble aims to present them to a wider audience and give them the fame they deserve.