Restaurant & Cafe Furniture Perth

Ambience is a crucial part of the restaurant experience. Your customers should feel enveloped by the character of your restaurant from the moment they walk through your door. This feeling translates to an amazing experience for you, your customers, and your staff – and it should be created by furnishings that maximise reliability and return on investment as well as style.

Having worked with many of Australia’s premiere restaurants and cafes, we deeply understand the needs of hospitality clients. Whether you’re renovating, launching a new business, or replacing furnishings, we can help you perfect your vision and streamline your restaurant’s efficiency while staying within your budget and time frame.


We have a huge range of furniture products. We can’t fit it all on our website, so keep in mind while browsing that there’s much more available. And if you’re looking for a unique style or want to match your existing look, we can source items based on your ideas. The rule of thumb is, if you can provide an image or example, we can closely match it!
Project and Design Consultation

Our sales consultants are always available to help plan and develop your project, and our interior designers can help with product selection and finishes as required. We’ve been perfecting hospitality businesses for over 25 years, and can help you find the best solution for your problem – even if it isn’t with us.

Visit Our Showroom

Our Perth showroom is one of the largest in WA. You can drop in, but we strongly recommend booking an appointment so that we can set aside time to answer your questions and help you explore all the options.

Take a look at our featured jobs below, and when you’re ready to improve or launch your business, contact us.