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Emu was founded in Umbria in 1951. During the 1960s EMU realized that it had a natural talent for the manufacturing of outdoor furniture, in which it could make the best use of technology, cultural heritage and local know-how and skill in working with metal.

In the 1980-90s Emu became the leader in the garden furniture sector, producing also one of its greatest successes, the Rio chair, selling 8,000,000 pieces since it was introduced.

During the last years, the Italian firm began repositioning its brand following the development of innovative and exciting products in collaboration with some of the best international designers. The 2010 marks a significant re-launch for the Company, thanks to the product diversification into three lines: Design, Contract and Garden. This winning strategy helped considerably the Company to overcome the critical state of the world economy.

Designers include:
Arik Levy / Carlo Colombo / Chiaramonte-Marin / Christophe Pillet / Jean-Marie Massaud / Jean Nouvel / Paola Navone / Patricia Urquiola / Samuel Wilkinson

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