Wilkhahn Office Chairs

You're Free To Move

Underpinned by decades of testing and research, Wilkhahn is introducing a new concept - Free To Move. Innovation meets practicality their Trimension office chairs ared esigned for encouraging movement in offices. Whether you choose the ON, IN or AT chairs you can enter a new age of office well-being and motion.

The AT 3D Office Chair

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The ON 3D Office Chair

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The IN Task Chair

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The Trimension Difference

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Unlock Human Potential

Human-Centred Workplace

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Movement, Your Way

Why Choose Wilkhahn Chairs?

Wilkhahn office chairs offer a science based framework for envisioning the office of tomorrow. Their vision is environments where individuals thrive and productivity flourishes.

Explore the Free To Move Difference.

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Empowering Well-Being In The Workforce.

Wilkhahn’s revolutionary family of 3D ergonomic task chairs set the scene for strong performance – whether that’s at a fast-growing organisation or a well-established institution; at home or in the office.