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The Health Care sector demands high-quality furniture that is safe, practical and designed to ergonomic standards. Furniture that not only honors the precept of ‘doing no harm’ but also creates an ambiance that says ‘you are welcome here, and your comfort has been considered’.

Just as you consider the needs of your clients the Furniture Options service team puts your needs first. We will listen to your requirements and help you choose suitable products from our extensive local and international range that will enable you to create a positive customer experience within your budget.

Furniture Options has the range to supply hospitals, lifestyle villages, practices, receptions, staff breakouts, dining, bedrooms and both indoor and outdoor recreational areas - our flexible options allow you to express your identity through furniture.

With many of Perth’s venues having to consider refurbishing their premises to ensure their future success, we are able to assist with any furniture selections and appropriate applications of finishes, with our prices covering a broad spectrum for any budget requirement.

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