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Established in 1881 Paged Meble is one of the biggest companies within the Polish furniture industry.

With furniture designed specifically for contract markets, that can be used to furnish the interiors of restaurants, pubs, hotels and cafés. With a long established tradition in steam bending methods, Paged Meble utilizes its extensive knowledge and advancements in technology to offer original furniture solutions.

With modern machinery and the best materials, Paged Meble infuses innovation in every area of its operation. Combined with a long heritage in bentwood furniture manufacturing, ensuring premium quality across all products.

Designers include:
Michael Thonet / Otto Wagner / Marian Sigmund / Jadwiga Husarska-Chmielarz / Dario Polace / Nikodem Szpunar / Tomek Rygalik / Grzegorz Gancarczyk / Agnieszka Pikus / Jan Lewczuk / Kinga Chmielarz-Hulak / Grzegorz Wit / Oleg Pugachev / Pedro Salgado

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