Rethinking a Classic - Meet Wilkes

Rethinking a Classic - Meet Wilkes

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A Classic, Reissued

Designed by Ray Wilkes and first introduced in 1976, this playful, eye-catching lounge seating has made a lasting impression. While the 1970s may once again be in fashion, it’s the honesty of Wilkes’s design and its straightforward construction that makes the Wilkes Modular Sofa Group an enduring classic.

Structured for comfort

Comfort starts with geometry – specifically the 105-degree angle of the seat and back. Steel brackets that join the seat and back have enough give that each back section can flex independently, providing a surprising level of individual comfort. Shaped like pieces of Chiclet gum, the round-edged cushions never puddle or lose their shape.

Scalable and suitable

Whether you’re looking to inspire collaboration in a casual office setting or make a statement in residential interiors, Wilkes’ Modular Sofa Group hits the mark.

Available in a range of configurations, from a single chair to a six-seat sofa, and – the beauty of modularity – you can specify a table instead of a seat anywhere along the run. A power option offers additional functionality when needed.