Yana Chair - Fenabel, Portugal

Yana Chair - Fenabel, Portugal

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The Yana Chair was born out of a growing request from customers for a seating solution that combined the space saving characteristic of an ottoman with the ergonomic support of a chair. Fenabel's design team listened to these needs and created the Yana, a perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality.

Unlike traditional ottomans, Yana is equipped with a supportive backrest, providing greater comfort and promoting better posture. This makes it ideal for long hours of sitting, whether relaxing or socialising.

Modern living requires flexibility. Fenabel’s Yana meets this need admirably. This carefully crafted piece, with its distinctive cylindrical shape and backrest, perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality. Yana adapts with ease, serving either as a statement chair or a space-saving solution.

Made from high-quality materials, Yana guarantees durability and a luxurious feel. Perfect for seating areas, lounges and more, Yana's adaptable design allows it to complement different environments effortlessly. Its versatility is one of its standout features, meeting the diverse needs of customers.

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