Introducing European Market Leader Wilkhahn

Introducing European Market Leader Wilkhahn

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Wilkhahn, experts in manufacturing premium, sustainable furniture catering to the residential, corporate, and educational sectors. Their unwavering dedication to creating enduring, adaptable furniture has established them as a revered entity within the industry for more than a century.

Free to Move Chairs - With patented 3D technology for healthy movement

Sitting on Trimension office task chairs encourages natural, three-dimensional movement. This stimulates the muscles in the back and scientific studies show that health, well-being and powers of concentration are boosted.

Human Centered Workplace - A concept for planning offices that echoes the global trends of sustainability, health & digitalisation. 

Communicating and collaborating are considered the keys to meeting the upcoming challenges that digitalisation presents to nearly all aspects of the working environment more quickly, more cost effectively and, above all, more successfully. However, the right combination of communication and deep work is required to create added value productively. Which is why the human-centered workplace offers a range of different spaces to suit the job at hand and preferences, so that people can reflect, conduct research, create documents or complete projects.

Empowering Hybrid Collaboration - Come the analogue and digital side of hybrid collaboration to impressive effect.

Encouraging co-workers to play an active role in developments can play a major role in coping with the challenges the future presents. Active participation starts with people setting up and configuring settings for workshops, meetings, training sessions or project work themselves and as a team. What’s more, this saves set-up times, capacities and space. The mobile, flexible table ranges are wonderful examples of how well-being, health, productive collaboration, a coherent design language, smart efficiency and motivation all pull together in a human-centered workplace.

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