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As appetites grow for hand-made, earthy and texture-rich pieces, there was a great opportunity for Wonky Mugs to answer this call. The goal was to create sculptural pieces with fluid lines and organic forms that brought a new level of personality and warmth to their environment. The Wonky range of homewares and lighting is locally hand crafted and shaped individually in the Fremantle studio. That’s why no two are the same, just like there’s no one like you.

Gav’s journey with Wonky Mugs began when he attended a pottery class and spotted a humble, misshapen mug in the corner of the room. It was perfectly imperfect, authentic and full of personality. That was the beginning of his love affair with all things wonky and the spark that led to Wonky Lights.

Wonky Mugs celebrate the beauty of imperfection and the wonkiness of life. Because we’re all a bit wonky in our own perfect way, aren’t we?

Did you know that Wonky Lights look ever better in pairs? That's why when you buy one Wonky Light you’ll automatically receive 20% off the second!

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