Top 3 Best Timber for Chairs

Top 3 Best Timber for Chairs

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Wood furniture brings nature’s beauty into your home. Like most natural products, wood has variations in colour, grain and texture that help create unique and beautiful pieces. So which wood is the best for furniture? That’s not so easy to answer, but here are the characteristics of 3 of the most popular woods used in chairs.

First, let’s talk about sustainability. No matter what type of wood chair you select, you should make sure it was produced responsibly. The PEFC makes this easy by certifying manufacturers that use wood that comes from legal and sustainable resource. 30% of all consumers said that they actively look for forest certification labels, with the PEFC label being the most trusted global forest certification label.

1. Beech. Beech is a strong and heavy hardwood often used to make pieces that require bending. It has a naturally light colour and a fine, tight grain that gives it a uniform look.

2. Ash. Ash is a tough hardwood known for its heavy weight, strength, hardness and shock resistance. It’s so tough that it’s used to make baseball bats. Ash has a visible, distinct grain, which is good for bringing a natural element into your home. Its natural colour varies from creamy white or grey to light brown.

3.Oak. Oak is another popular wood that’s valued for its hardness, strength, durability and wearability. Oak comes in two main types: red and white. Oak may darken slowly over time, though the color change is on the subtle side.