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The origins of bentwood furniture have been long associated with the name Michael Thonet and the No.14 Chair. Michael Thonet was a German carpenter who in the early 19th century began to experiment with ways of bending beech wood. By subjecting wood to hot steam he was able to bend the wood and discover that after being dried in moulds specific pieces retained the desired shape permanently, while also become more durable compared to other furniture.

Thonet's revolution brought to the world an unprecedented quality standard – furniture could be produced in large volumes, but the work of the machines was completed by the manual dexterity of craftsmen. This tradition is still valid today. Every piece of furniture leaving the Paged factory is unique in its own way. This is due to the synergy of high woodworking technologies and the craftsmanship of Paged’s exceptionally competent professionals, who pass on the secrets of their work to the next generation of employees.

Dating back to 1881, Paged is one of the oldest and most experienced furniture manufacturers in Europe. For over 140 years Paged’s manufacturing capacity has been consistently increasing. During this time, Paged have maintained their craft approach to quality with many pieces still handmade. To this day, Paged remains faithful to its roots, i.e. the manufacture of bentwood furniture, respecting and enhancing the inherent properties, versatility and benefits of the highest quality, natural materials such as steamed beech and moulded plywood.

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