Human Centred Workplace

Reimagening Workplaces

Wilkhahn, a brand synonymous with pioneering fresh concepts and innovative approaches to office work and workplace well-being. Drawing upon decades of a unique corporate culture, work on international projects and a wealth of scientific research on evolving offices, they've created what is now known as the "Human-centered Workplace". A place where furniture supports teamwork, identity and purpose.

Core Challenges

Working in a Human-Centered Workplace

Meetings For Humans

Fostering Innovation

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Wilkhahn offers a practical and invaluable framework for envisioning the workspaces of tomorrow — environments where individuals thrive and productivity flourishes..

Free Movement For Well-Being

Supported by three studies, the novel concept stands as one of the most scientifically validated solutions for promoting mobility in office settings. Whether individuals are utilizing the ON, IN, or AT chairs at their desks, adopting a perched stance on Stitz, engaging in Stand-up during activity-based breaks, or actively utilising the dynamic Confair or Timetable table ranges, the approach caters to a diverse range of scenarios.

The AT 3D Office Chair

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The IN Task Chair

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Empowering Well-Being In The Workforce.

Wilkhahn’s revolutionary family of 3D ergonomic task chairs set the scene for strong performance – whether that’s at a fast-growing organisation or a well-established institution; at home or in the office.