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La Benda Armchair



Brand: Paged Meble, Poland
Starting Price: Under $600
Lead Time: 12-14 weeks

Designed by Pedro Salgado for Paged Meble, Poland. La Benda is a modern armchair created with a unique XIX century technology of bending beech wood under the pressure and steam. A beech rod, subtly bent in several places, is a characteristic element of the design. It plays a role of a lynchpin for both front legs of the chair and at the same time it supports the rear part of the backrest. The visual opposition – the legs in the back are straight and set firmly on the ground. The author’s vision for La Benda was inspired by the silhouettes of partners in a dance. We could assume that this contrast between these furniture elements is well presented by a woman. She moves daintily and then trustfully embraces her partner’s shoulders in their tango.

• Stackable (3 high)
• Suitable for indoor use
• Material: European beech timber
• Custom upholstery options available
• Timber Stains: Extensive range of stain and paint finishes available

Additional information

Paged Timber Stains
Paged Paint Colours

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